Programs & Initiatives

Our Current Initiatives

Current drives we are working on to help our beneficiaries achieve their fullest potential, participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Assisting Refugees from Gaza Resettling in Australia

Team CCK primary local organisation to assist refugees from Gaza resettling in Australia, providing rent, bond, furniture, white goods, clothes, groceries and social activities.

Palestinian Soup Kitchen

CCK has partnered up with Merciful Group for our ANNUAL Ramadan Soup Kitchen. This years theme is Palestine as tribute to those martyed in Gaza and to support newly arrived families from Palestine. As well as local families that  CCK supports.

Palestine Emergency Relief

CCK has partnered up with Merciful Group to raise funds for the people of Gaza. They have been displaced and cut off from their basic human needs such as water, food and electricity. Help save lives today.

Barbers Without Borders

In CCK’s latest initiative, Barbers Without Borders, CCK have teamed up with local barber – Gorilla House Barberia Yagoona to give single parent and low income families the opportunity to cut their children’s hair for a fraction of the price.

Baby Funeral Fund​

CCK has teamed up with The Still Nest, to acknowledge the emotional and financial hardship of bereaved families, particularly from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. All donations for this initiative will go directly towards the costs of a baby funeral.

Bullying Stops with Me

Team CCK held an anti-bullying workshop for primary age students in Sydney’s South West with special guest speakers

Missing Persons Campaign - Arabic

Community Care Kitchen have designed a campaign in light of National Missing Persons Week 2022. 50 historic dissapearences will be translated into Arabic – including our community in an important national issue.

CCK Winter Appeal

During the colder months, many families do not possess adequate essentials such as: blankets, warm clothes and heaters. Families that have been assisted include refugees, asylum seekers, the homeless, elderly, single parent families and low income families.

CCK x All Skills College

CCK have been working in the background to expand our scholarship sector with All Skills College in Punchbowl. Entry level certificates will be on offer including carpentry, electrical and construction.

#Lunchbox Campaign

1 in 4 students go to school with no lunch because their parents can’t afford it. Food poverty is such a huge problem in our community. Help us reach 0 food poverty in our community with this very important campaign.

Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery

CCK have partnered with The Culinary School once again to create  opportunities for those in our community to become qualified within the hospitality industry.

CCK x The Culinary School

CCK is committed to making sure low-income/vulnerable families have access to fun, educational after school activities

CCK's Widows Fund

The CCK Widows fund is a dedicated fund servicing the need of widows in our community. The fund is permanent and will be open to donations from the public.

Flip my House

The CCK Widows fund is a dedicated fund servicing the need of widows in our community. The fund is permanent and will be open to donations from the public.


CCK is working to deliver culturally appropriate hampers for those living below the poverty line during Lockdown, or those in isolation due to testing positive for COVID.

Lebanon Food Boxes

CCK has partnered with Merciful Group to deliver food boxes to the people of Lebanon, providing them with food for a month per food box.

Manoush & Mental Health

The Manoush & Mental Health Campaign in collaboration with Mission of Hope and Cafe on the Boulevard sought to create awareness of mental health within our community. If you need assistance during lockdown, we are here to help.

Birrong Boys HSC Care Packs

CCK x Birrong Boys High School have teamed up to provide Care Packs to all their year 12 students undergoing HSC during Lockdown21.

Normalise Kindness

We understand and acknowledge all the amazing parents in our community who have had to home-school and provide for their children. Nominate a parent who you know is doing a great job to lift their spirits! We’ll choose 10 a week for a CCK #NormaliseKindness Gift as well as 10 parents CCK look after, who live below the poverty line.

Lebanon Hygiene Pack​

Sponsor an essential pack to those affected in Lebanon. Packs include Washing detergent, dishwashing soap, sanitary pads, handwash soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste.

Lockdown Learning

Lockdown Learning is an interactive initiative created to aid parents with extracurricular activities for their kids during lockdown. The stress of parents having to take on a teacher role amongst other things has been understandably a difficult task for many in the community to navigate.

Past Initiatives


Hire our team to cut your lawn. Donations go towards supporting the poor in Lebanon and creating jobs for our community right here in Australia.

COVID Relief - Emergency Food

CCK et up a temporary Emergency Food Relief Hotline for the most vulnerable in our community. We are experiencing VERY HIGH demands and need your urgent support.

Canterbury Community Kitchen

Community Care Kitchen and the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs have teamed up to provide 200 cooked meals a week to families in Sydney’s Southwest during lockdown.

Gaza Food Appeal

CCK currently have a team on the ground in #Gaza now pumping out as much aid and food as you have assisted us with. This is the time to contribute, this is the time to pull together. Our brothers and sisters in Gaza need us

R U OK - Father's Day

It is tough times for our community during Lockdown. CCK has combined R U OK day with Fathers Day this year, to recognise more than just fathers.

CCK x Casula Mall

Ramadan2021 saw an exciting new collaboration with major center Casula Mall.


Our Programs are focused areas of work to which we dedicate ourselves for the medium to long term in order to unlock potential, create impact, and change people’s lives for the better.


Our Scholarships efforts aim to provide disadvantaged students with the opportunity to receive an education where they would not otherwise be able to. By doing so, we help change the lives of not just them, but their families and communities.

Scholarship #1

to homeless people & those on a low income who cannot addord to buy groceries for themselves.

Scholarship #2

to homeless people & those on a low income who cannot addord to buy groceries for themselves.

Scholarship #3

to homeless people & those on a low income who cannot addord to buy groceries for themselves.