Our Story

Who we are

Community Care Kitchen (CCK) is a local, grassroots non for profit comprised of volunteers dedicated to serving the community and eradicating food insecurity.  

Our Work involves supporting the most vulnerable members of our community, including those families living below the poverty line with services that are culturally appropriate and tailored towards multicultural audiences

Our Mission is to assist those living below the poverty line with care, dignity and respect while mobilising members to get involved and actively volunteer within their community.  

Our Vision is to create a culturally appropriate volunteering platform where members of the community volunteer their time and energy back into the community, facilitating our Zero food insecurity goal.

Where it all began….

CCK was initially founded by a group of like-minded women who identified a break in the NFP sector, where support and aid failed to reach the most vulnerable members of the community. CCK initially began servicing refugees and asylum seeker families in need of severe and urgent help. We also realised the available services lacked the cultural, religious and socially appropriate understanding needed to interact within our community.

CCK has since evolved to facilitate all members of our community experiencing hardship. Including but not limited to, single parent families, low-income families, the elderly, the homeless, families with an ill member, families with children on the autism spectrum, refugee and asylum seeker families and generally anyone living below the poverty line. We advocate for volunteering within our community for all ages, faiths and persuasions. It is our genuine belief that CCK is the community and the community is CCK. 

Our Team

Community Care Kitchen’s phenomenal success is made possible through a talented and dedicated team of volunteers that lead with empathy and compassion.

Our Impact

7 years into its operations, CCK is now a registered charity with the ACNC and has supported close to 5000 people living in Sydney. 

CCK has established itself within the local community and has created phenomenal pulling power to help people rapidly and when they most need it, often within a matter of hours. 

We have saved lives and families with our ability to intervene in the most challenging and desperate of situations. Through our partnerships with existing organisations and businesses, we continue to unlock the potential of not-for-profit work done with the heart of a grass-roots community organisation, coupled with the repeatability of an organisation built on process.

Our Services

CCK’s focus areas are a combination of our core services, special activities and Programs and Scholarships that help alleviate immediate needs and provide longer-term opportunities for growth.

Our central work as a charitable organisation is aimed at immediate poverty alleviation and provisions of support when and where most needed through the following core services:

Provide Food

To homeless people and those on low incomes who cannot afford to buy groceries for themselves and their families.

Provide Clothing

To people who are homeless and those on low incomes who cannot afford to buy clothing for themselves.

Financial Assistance

To those struggling financially to ensure they can maintain a dignified standard of living.

Material Aid

To those requiring immediate assistance through housing and other practical supporters to help them get by in the short term.

Other Activities

Further to the above core services, CCK undertakes a range of other activities to serve its beneficiaries and achieve its vision, including:

Our Values


Doing everything we do to the highest quality and standards


Capitalising on the richness inherent in differences


Carrying out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability to our beneficiaries, donors and wider community


Treating all people with dignity and respect. Respect for People, Communities, and Cultures


Striving to meet the highest ethical standards in all that we do

Expression of Interest

Our volunteers make us who we are. If you are looking to give back to the community via a unique operating model for not-for-profit work that values individual talent in service of a talented team, get in touch with us by filling out the below form.