CCK x The Culinary School

About this Initiative

Community Care Kitchen have been working with The Culinary School for 3 years to create safe, fun and educational spaces for children of vulnerable backgrounds.

In the month of February alone, CCK has admitted over 50 children into 5 week TCS programs that focus on healthy eating, lifestyle choices, social skills and stress relief through Culinary Therapy.

Kids who have benefited from this program include those from low income families, refugee/asylum seeker families, single parent families, widowed families, special needs children and families who have been affected by Covid-19.

Our aim is to create inclusive communities where after school programs are within every families reach. We thrive to create safe spaces for children after school to facilitate healthy hobbies and create outlets that provide both opportunities and educational value.

Our 5 week Collaboration with TCS started in February with CCK President Rima Waizani present to welcome families. CCK will be conducting a follow up class during Ramadan where children will be invited to decorate their own cookies ahead of iftar time!