CCK x Casula Mall

About this Initiative

Ramadan and Eid are arguably the busiest time for CCK Volenteers!

This year Casula Mall reached out to collaborate various initiatives inside their center. It was a proud moment to see our CCK banners flying from the ceilings of Casula Mall.

Team CCK can’t express our gratitude to Casula Mall and other major centers who choose to support grassroot community organisations. Without your support we would cease to exist.


Casula Mall constructed a special Non Perishable Donation box outside Woolworths where members of the community could donate long life items like rice, cereal, water, dates, bread and other items. These donations were apart of CCKs annual RamadanDrive which has been running for 7 years. We engage all members of our community young and old and welcome them to donate non perishable items for those in our community living below the poverty line.

Eid Toy Drive

Casula Mall constructed a fabulous Eid Toy Drive set up within their center, including a beautiful display of animals and other decorations. Members of the community were invited to donate toys to the drive. Toys collected by CCK during Eid are given to families living below the poverty line within our community. We were truly overwhelmed with the support from the local community who filled the display up with brand new toys bought from the center. The Eid Toy Drive has been an initiative Team CCK have done for the last 7 years. It was amazing to see the initiative take on a new setting at Casula Mall.

Ramadan Iftar Dinner

To end an amazing month, Casula Mall threw their first public Iftar in their car park! Decorating the space extravagantly! The public were invited to purchase tickets and enjoy a 5 course meal. All proceeds from purchased tickets were then given to CCK, a gesture we greatly appreciated.