R U OK - Father's Day

About this Initiative

It is tough times for our community during Lockdown. CCK has combined R U OK day with Father's Day this year, to recognise more than just fathers.

Nominations were accepted for someone that:

  • Has lost their dad, or
  • Has been separated from their dad, or
  • whose dad is unwell, or
  • Has lost a child, or
  • Is longing to be a dad, or
  • Has never known their dad, or
  • Has recently lost their job, or
  • Is a single mother but fills both roles for whatever reason

Cupcake boxes were then organised and delivered to those that CCK assessed as most in need.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with food during Lockdown:


Call our Emergency Food Relief Hotline on: 0459 425 818, or press the button below.


Talk to our friendly team about your situation. Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and Spanish interpreters available.


Choose from one of several local cafes who have partnered with us to deliver food straight to your door.