Gaza Emergency Relief​

CCK X Merciful Group

In partnership with Merciful Group and in response to the unfolding genocide in Gaza, Team CCK are raising much needed funds to assist with aid, medical and emergency essentials to help alleviate the humanitarian crises. Community Care Kitchen have had a long-standing relationship with MG who have been on the ground in Gaza since 2018. Merciful Group are ZERO ADMIN FEES – Which means 100% of your donations go directly where it should 

Silence is complicity. Neutrality is unacceptable. Community Care Kitchen defends our right as a community organisation dedicated to helping the most vulnerable and oppressed communities locally and around the world. We the team of Community Care kitchen pledge our support to the people of Palestine and will continue to support via aid, food and emergency essentials though MG both long term and until we are made physically unable to do so. 


Healing Gaza: Medicine and Hope Amidst Adversity

Despite ongoing adversity and conflict. our dedicated team of staff and volunteers is on the front lines, delivering essential medicines and expert medical care. In the face of constant challenges, our mission is to stand with the people of Gaza, ensuring access to healthcare remains a fundamental right.